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Cardano24 was founded by Holger and is operated by him. Holger is a native German IT-Professional, running Datacenter Colocations since 23 years and building IT-Infrastructure and providing Services for Clients like German Federal Banks as well as doing Projects for Companies like Warner Bros. and many others.
Besides the fact that Holger is helping SPOs to fix their issues on a daily basis, he dedicates a lot of work into creating things for the whole Cardano-Community. A few of his Projects are: Cardano24.Social, Cardano24.Chat! On top of that, he also fills the position as CTO of Liqwid.Finance, which is about to release the first DeFi dApp on the Cardano-Network!
Holger is involved in supporting a couple of African Pools and Projects, because he belives in the following:
Mankind - I believe in the Unity of all Humans - We just need to learn it!
Freedom - Everyone should be able to share his thoughts freely and express himself like he wants if it does not harm the freedom of others!
There are no Borders - The limit is what you can imagine!
If you are planning to delegate to Cardano24, then THANK YOU in the first place!
Even if our Ticker: ADA is very easy to remember searching for ADA only does not always work perfectly due to the fact that some Wallets/Apps are missing some functions.
The best thing is if you search for Cardano24 within the Wallet/app you use to delegate. If you want to make sure that you found the correct Pool and want to avoid scamming/fraud, you can also check and compare the following Pool-IDs:

Our Pool-ID within Daedalus is: pool1heks0vmxkfka2amg9c8yn8qdsxvgmzelfx6jhpfkj8ht5mn0r2m
Our Pool-ID within Yoroi is: be6d07b366b26dd577682e0e499c0d81988d8b3f49b52b853691eeba

Holger [ADA]#1982


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Name: Cardano24

Ticker: ADA

Thanks for your Support!

We operate Cardano Relay-Nodes in 24 Countries over the World.

Flag Country-Name Relay-Hostname Relay-Port
Germany / Location #1 rl.de-f1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
United Kingdom rl.uk-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Germany / Location #2 rl.de-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Finland rl.fi-h1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Spain rl.es-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
France rl.fr-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Belgium rl.be-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Netherlands rl.nl-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Italy rl.it-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Czech Republic rl.cz-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Ireland rl.ie-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Poland rl.pl-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Portugal rl.pt-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
Lithuania rl.lt-n1.alpha.cardano24.net 3001
We currently have 24 Relays worldwide. 14 Public / 10 Private