Cardano24 - Philosophy and Goals

Cardano24 - Philosophy and Goals

Cardano24 - Philosophy and Goals

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Name: Cardano24 / Ticker: ADA

Cardano24 - Philosophy and Goals

Welcome to our Website and thank you for taking the time to read this page!

Let me introduce myself real quick for you.
My Name is Holger - Founder of Cardano24, I am 43 years old and have an
"extreme" IT-Background.

From being the Founder & CEO of Companies till running Datacenter-Locations
around the world - all this can be found in my CV.

I am seriously a mix out of everything. I am a programmer, administrator, and business-man. Maybe we call it Business-"Geek" ;-)
With my skillset, I did projects like building and running the IT-Infrastructure
(Server-Clusters, Network/Routing, Software-Programming, Exchange-Gateways)
of a German Federal Bank, so that they are able to offer their own CreditCard-Project to the public.

I want to believe in a future where we manage to focus on things, we should already do:

  • Mankind - I believe in the Unity of all Humans - We just need to learn it!
  • Freedom - Everyone should be able to share his thoughts freely and express himself like he wants if it does not harm the freedom of others!
  • There are no Borders - The limit is what you can imagine!

When I learned about Cardano / ADA and its Goals and the ideas
behind it - it totally flashed and hyped me!
I strongly believe that this new Crypto-Currency can help Mankind to get a new level of Freedom that we need in our Future!

And because of that, I am dedicating a ton of lifetime, work, and money into supporting Cardano / ADA.

My main-goal with Cardano24 is not going for the quick money and therefore trying to get a lot of Delegations.
My goal is to build a bullet-proof infrastructure and help the Cardano / ADA Network with my Pool and the
great Infrastructure behind it. That is why "all" of my money goes into extreme Hardware & Development!

If you have the same thoughts as me, want to support the Cardano / ADA Project in an effective way, or just want to have the chance
to get some free ADA as StakePool-Reward, then feel free to Delegate some ADA to Cardano24 StakePool!

It does not matter how much, just delegate 10 ADA if you want - every Delegation helps to make the Cardano-Network better!

Here is the most important data:

StakePool-Name: Cardano24
Ticker: ADA
Pool ID: be6d07b366b26dd577682e0e499c0d81988d8b3f49b52b853691eeba

BE a part of the Cardano24-Team, and let US create something for our future!

Thank you VERY MUCH for reading all this.

Best regards,